Hey everyone, we are back with yet another blog about the cloud. We have three major cloud platforms available with us AWS, AZURE, and GCP, each having 100s of services loaded. It becomes really difficult for an individual to grasp the names and remember their functioning. So, we decided to prepare a difference table that will help the majority of people in the cloud journeys of AWS, AZURE, and GCP.

Being a cloud enthusiast, I know how important it is to remember the service’s name so that it can be used when needed, without googling and spending hours researching.

So, let’s begin with the differences between the three!!

Difference between the three Clouds Components

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure - Wikipedia
Google Cloud Platform
Availability RegionsAWS Regions and ZonesAzure RegionsGoogle Compute Regions & Zones
Compute Servicesec2
Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Virtual Machines(VM)
Compute Engine
App Hostingawseb
Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
Azure Cloud Service
Google App Engine
Serverless Computingawslambda
Amazon Lambda
Azure Functions
Google Cloud Functions
Container Supportecs
Elastic Container Service
Azure Container Service
Container Engine
Scaling Optionsasg
Auto Scaling
Azure Autoscale
Object Storageaws_storage
Amazon Simple Service Storage
Azure Blob Storage
Cloud Storage
Block StorageStorage_Amazon_EBS
Amazon Elastic Block Storage
Azure Managed Storage
Persistent Disk
Content Delivery Network(CDN)Amazon_CloudFront
Amazon Cloudfront
Azure CDN
Cloud CDN
SQL Database OptionCopy, database, rds icon - Free download on Iconfinder
Amazon RDS
Database Clipart Raw Data - Azure Sql Db, HD Png Download - kindpng
Azure SQL
Moving to Google Cloud SQL the right way | by Homero Valle | Mollie
Cloud SQL
NoSQL Database Optionkissclipart-aws-dynamodb-icon-clipart-amazon-dynamodb-amazon-c-cd1c26ff67cd24f7  - SourceCloud
AWS DynamoDB
DocumentDB | Microsoft Azure Mono
Azure DocumentDB
Google Cloud Datastore - TurboGeek
Cloud Datastore
Virtual NetworkAWS VPC icon PNG and SVG Vector Free Download
Amazon VPC
October 2016 – INFRAKLOUD.COM
Azure Virtual Network
Google Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) | Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Virtual Network
Private ConnectivityNetworking, aws, direct, connect, compute, copy icon - Free download
Amazon Direct Connect
ExpressRoute | Microsoft Azure Mono
Azure Express Route
Networking | MyDraw
Cloud InterConnect
DNS ServiceAWS Route53 Vector Logo - Download Free SVG Icon | Worldvectorlogo
Amazon Route53
Traffic Manager | Microsoft Azure Color
Azure Traffic Manager
Google Cloud DNS | CloudBank
Cloud DNS
Log MonitoringAWS CloudTrail | AWS Management Tools
Amazon CloudTrail
On-Premises Server Monitoring with Azure Log Analytics | xTEN
Azure Operational Insights
Spring Boot Logging in GCP Stackdriver | by Anoop Hallimala | Google Cloud  - Community | Medium
Cloud Logging
Performance MonitoringAmazon CloudWatch-icon | Brands AA - AO
Amazon CloudWatch
Application Insights | Microsoft Azure Color
Azure Application Insights
Stackdriver monitoring with Aja Hammerly | Google Cloud Platform Podcast
Stack Driver Monitoring
Administration and SecurityAWS IAM (Identity and Access Management) Logo [ Download - Logo - icon ]  png svg
Amazon Identity and Access Management(IAM)
Azure Active Directory Vector Logo - Download Free SVG Icon |  Worldvectorlogo
Azure Active Directory(AD)
Google - Sumo Logic
Cloud Identity and Access Management(IAM)
ComplianceAWS CloudHSM | AWS Security Identity & Compliance
Amazon CloudHSM
Official Azure Icon Set
Azure Trust Center
Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Certification - John Hanley
Google Cloud Platform Security
AnalyticsAmazon Kinesis-icon | Brands AA - AO
Amazon Kinesis
Stream Analytics | Microsoft Azure Mono
Azure Stream Analytics
Creating a Template for the Python Cloud Dataflow SDK | by James Moore |  Medium
Cloud Dataflow
Load BalancingAWS ELB Monitoring - Instana
Elastic Load Balancing

Load balancer (automatic) | Microsoft Azure Mono
Load Balancing for Azure
Internal Load Balancingin 5 mins
Cloud Load Balancing

So this was a brief summary of the different services used by three leading cloud services. I hope you find this useful. We will try to bring more such blogs to improve your earning and technology experience.

If you have any queries please feel free to post them in the comments section or anything that you want to ask through mail contact.

Thank you!!

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