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Hey everyone, we are back with an interesting blog that will help you in practicing the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam which will be a foundational step to your practice.

If you didn’t check our previous article on AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials then read out it first. Here we have already discussed Cloud Computing and how you can start your career in the AWS Cloud. In the past, I have shared the Best Cloud Practitioner Courses that will help you to get your first AWS Certification.

I am an AWS Cloud Practitioner who has already gone through this phase of finding the best questions under one site but was unable to get one. And today, I bring you the top 40 Questions & Answers that are the combination of multiple and single choice questions which will bring you one step closer to your goal.

So, without wasting any more of your time, here is the top questions & answers for practice.

Top Questions & Answers

Q1. According to the AWS shared responsibility model, who is responsible for managing IAM user access and secret keys?

A. IAM access and secret keys are static, so there is no need to rotate them.
B. The customer is responsible for rotating keys.
C. AWS will rotate the keys whenever required.
D. The AWS Support team will rotate keys when requested by the customer.

Answer. B

Q2. Which cloud architecture design concept is supported by distributing workloads across various Availability Zones?

A. Implement automation.
B. Design for agility.
C. Design for failure.
D. Implement elasticity.

Answer. C

Q3. The services involved for VPC Endpoint Gateway

A. S3 and DynamoDB
B. EMR and EC2
C. EMR and Redshift
D. S3 and EC2

Answer. A

Q4. Which of the following is a suggestion made by an AWS Trusted Advisor? (Select two)

A. Cost optimization
B. Auditing
C. Serverless architecture
D. Performance
E. Scalability

Answer. A, D

Q5. What is the customer’s responsibility while using Amazon RDS?

A. Patching and maintenance of the underlying operating system.
B. Managing automatic backups of the database.
C. Controlling network access through security groups.
D. Replacing failed instances in the event of a hardware failure.

Answer. C

Q6. Which of the following operational controls do users completely inherit from AWS as part of the AWS shared responsibility model?

A. Security management of data center
B. Patch management
C. Configuration management
D. User and access management

Answer. D

Q7. The AWS service that cost for the compute time you consume without servers running on code

A. Amazon Lambda
D. AWS Redshift

Answer. A

Q8. Which AWS service can identify the person who made the API request when an Amazon EC2 instance is terminated?

A. Amazon CloudWatch
B. AWS CloudTrail
C. AWS X-Ray
D. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Answer. B

Q9. All AWS users have access to which AWS Trusted Advisor check?

A. Core checks
B. All checks
C. Cost optimization checks
D. Fault tolerance checks

Answer. C

Q10. The 7 core checks forAWS Trusted advisor is provided in which plan?(select any two)

A. Basic
B. Developer
C. Business
D. Enterprise

Answer. A, B

Q11. The AWS services that are used to connect on premises with AWS Cloud .(Select any two)

A. Site to site VPN
B. Transit Gateway
C. Direct Connect
D. AWS Privatelink

Answer. A, C

Q12. Permissions for which of the following are managed by service control policies (SCPs)?

A. Availability Zones
B. AWS Regions
C. AWS Organizations
D. Edge locations

Answer. C

Q13. The durable and cost effective storage for 10 years:

A. S3 Immediate
B. S3 Glacier
C. S3 Glacier Deep Archive
D. Edge locations

Answer. C

Q14. The AWS service which helps in automatic code deployment:-

A. Code Deploy
B. Code Commit
C. Code Build
D. Cloud9

Answer. A

Q15. Select any two features which help us build the high availability models:-

B. DynamoDB

Answer. A, B

Q16. How should an application be created to function on the AWS Cloud in accordance with best practices?

A. Use tightly coupled components.
B. Use loosely coupled components.
C. Use infrequently coupled components.
D. Use frequently coupled components.

Answer. B

Q17. How should an application be created to function on the AWS Cloud in accordance with best practices?

A. Use tightly coupled components.
B. Use loosely coupled components.
C. Use infrequently coupled components.
D. Use frequently coupled components.

Answer. B

Q18. Maximum Number of IAM users limited to AWS account

A. 4000 
B. 2000
C. 5000
D. 3500

Answer. C

Q19. The right security settings can be provided with which services. (Select any two)

A. Inspector
C. Trusted Advisor
D. Guard Duty

Answer. A, C

Q20. Multi-AZ fault tolerance is a feature enabled in which AWS service:-

A. Amazon EMR
B. Amazon EC2
C. Amazon DynamoDb
D. Amazon S3

Answer. C, D

Q21. What is the unique advantage that Enterprise Support customers receive?

A. Access to a Technical Project Manager
B. Access to a Technical Account Manager
C. Access to a Cloud Support Engineer
D. Access to a Solutions Architect

Answer. B

Q22. Which cost components should be addressed when developing a cloud Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model for AWS workloads? (Select three)

A. Compute costs
B. Facilities costs
C. Storage costs
D. Data transfer costs
E. Network infrastructure costs
F. Hardware lifecycle costs

Answer. A, C, E

Q23. Which AWS serverless platform services are included?

A. Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon Athena
B. Amazon Kinesis, Amazon SQS, Amazon EMR
C. AWS Step Functions, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon SNS
D. Amazon Athena, Amazon Cognito, Amazon EC2

Answer. C

Q24. What can a cloud practitioner use  to compare the cost of running your applications in an on-premises or colocation environment to AWS?

A. Amazon TCO
B. AWS Athena
C. Amazon Pricing Calculator
D. AWS Cost Explorer

Answer. A

Q25. According to cloud practitioner, what are pricing parameters paid for AWS EC2 service ? (Select any Two)

A. Buying option
B. Selected AMI
C. CPU Utilisation
D. Status Checks

Answer. A, B

Q26. According to cloud practitioner, automatic management of multiple AWS services through script?

A. AWS Powershell
B. Aws Bash
D. AWS Cloud Shell

Answer. C

Q27. What may be associated to an Amazon EC2 instance through AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to initiate service requests?

A. Group
B. Role
C. Policy
D. Access key

Answer. B

Q28. A copy of the AWS SOC 2 report is required during a compliance review by one of the auditors. Which service should this request be sent through?

A. AWS Personal Health Dashboard
B. AWS Trusted Advisor
C. AWS Artifact
D. Amazon S3

Answer. C

Q29. What are the possible uses for AWS edge locations? (Select two)

A. Hosting applications
B. Delivering content closer to users
C. Running NoSQL database caching services
D. Reducing traffic on the server by caching responses
E. Sending notification messages to end users

Answer. B, D

Q30. The storage option available in the AWS which works as Key-value pair.

A. Amazon S3
B. Amazon RDS
C. Amazon DynamoDB
D. Amazon EMR

Answer. D

Q31. What can users do using AWS Marketplace? (Select two)

A. Sell unused Amazon EC2 Spot Instances.
B. Sell solutions to other AWS users.
C. Buy third-party software that runs on AWS.
D. Purchase AWS security and compliance documents.
E. Order AWS Snowball.

Answer. B, C

Q32. The programmatic access can be enabled using which features of AWS?(Select two)

A. Access Key
B. Passwords
C. Username
D. Secret Key

Answer. A, D

Q33. Which AWS service supports MySQL and PostgreSQL as relational databases?

A. Amazon Redshift
B. Amazon DynamoDB
C. Amazon Aurora
D. Amazon Neptune

Answer. C

Q34. Automating the process of deploying new compute resources having same configurations. (Select any two)

A. Bootstrapping
B. Golden Images
D. AWS Marketplace

Answer. A, B

Q35. Which AWS services is natively supported by AWS Snowball Edge?

A. AWS Server Migration Service (AWS SMS)
B. Amazon Aurora
C. AWS Trusted Advisor
D. Amazon EC2

Answer. D

Q36. Which AWS shared responsibility controls are shared? (Select two)

A. Awareness and training
B. Patching of Amazon RDS
C. Configuration management
D. Physical and environmental controls
E. Service and communications protection or security

Answer. A, C

Q37. Which costs must be addressed when comparing AWS Cloud vs on-premises Total Cost of Ownership? (Select two)

A. Software development
B. Project management
C. Storage hardware
D. Physical servers
E. Antivirus software license

Answer. C, D

Q38. Amazon DynamoDB is used by a business in its AWS Cloud architecture. Which of the following is a duty of the organization, according to the AWS shared responsibility model? (Select two)

A. Operating system patching and upgrades
B. Application of appropriate permissions with IAM tools
C. Configuration of data encryption options
D. Creation of DynamoDB endpoints
E. Infrastructure provisioning and maintenance

Answer. B, D

Q39. Which AWS service or functionality is utilized by distributed applications to send text and email messages?

A. Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)
B. Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)
C. Amazon CloudWatch alerts
D. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS)

Answer. D

Q40. As a cloud practitioner, what should be the types of the reserved instances?(Select any two)

A. Standard Reserved Instances
B. Scheduled Reserved Instances
C. onDemandReserved Instances
D. Spot Reserved Instances

Answer. A, B

So, this is all about AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Question & Answers. You should do a lot of practice with these questions and learn the fundamentals from the courses that I already shared with you.

You will surely get to know more once you complete the courses, things will fall easily, and you’ll have the exact action plan to work on and to get certification quite quickly.

I hope you enjoyed the article and if you found this useful, then please share it with your friends and colleagues. If these questions have helped you to pass the exam, then spread this so that other people can also benefit.

If you have any queries please feel free to post them in the comments section or anything that you wanted to ask through mail contact.

Thank you😉

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