Hey everyone, In this article, we will discuss the AWS Cloud Certification essentials and see the first step to taking part in the certification of cloud services.

Amazon Web Services is the ruling name in the field of cloud providers. It provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. AWS has gained a big position in the leading market, gaining about the largest stock in its field.

Ok, let’s understand more about it.

1. About AWS Cloud Services

AWS is the early leader in public cloud computing and has become a major player in AI, database, machine learning, and serverless deployments.
AWS is giving the tech giants to learn and prosper in this field with the help of certifications available. When you earn an AWS certification, you start belonging to a global community of AWS Certified people, and you get some for being part of this group.

Let us look at the magic quadrant:-


2. Levels of AWS Certifications

Currently, there are 12 different AWS certifications covering different levels of knowledge and different expertise.

Levels of Certifications

In this post, we are going to discuss the essentials of the Foundational Certificate of AWS i.e. Cloud Practitioner.

3. What are the Essential parameters of Cloud Practitioner?

Cloud Practitioner is the starting point for people who are looking to build and validate the overall understanding of AWS Cloud. It is beneficial for individuals in technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial roles who work with AWS Cloud. This course is for those who want to understand Cloud Computing from a business perspective.

Whenever it comes to taking a course there are a few things that everyone looks into.

Who can learn this?

What things to learn?

Where to learn from?

What is the estimate of the certification?

Let’s understand these basic questions in the further documentation

✅ Who can learn this?

There are no prerequisites for this course. All non-techies and newcomers are welcome to learn the foundations.

✅ What things to learn?

Cloud practitioners have various pillars which you have to understand and develop your skills. 

1️⃣ Basic Cloud Concepts
  • Cloud Computing
  • Compute– dealing with basic servers, functions on cloud (EC2, Lambda)
  • VPC and Networking– this is the heart of the cloud.
  • Storage
  • Decoupling Applications
2️⃣ Security

Prime Concern for every industrialist to cast their valuable data on the cloud.

  • To prevent from DDOS attacks we have Shields , WAF
  • KMSKey Management System 
    1. Customer Managed Key
    2. AWS Managed CMK
    3. Cloud HSM 
  • AWS Secret Manager
  • Penetration Testing
  • GuardDuty
  • Inspector
  • Macie
  • CloudTrail
  • Config

These are the few services for which you will get brief knowledge and would be asked the question in your certification.

3️⃣ Technology

We have multiple technologies in AWS Cloud:-

  • Machine Learning :- Recognition, Transcribe, Lex, Polly, Translate, Connect, Comprehend, SageMaker.
  • Whitepaper Well Architected Framework :- 5 Pillars (Operational Excellence , Security , Reliability, Performance Efficiency , Cost Optimization).
  • Shared Responsibility Model
5️⃣ Billing and Pricing 

The details for different pricing models need to be focused on:-

  • Pay-as-you-go.
  • Save when you reserve.
  • Pay less using more.
  • Pay less as AWS grows more.

Billing and costing tools also need to be discussed on:-

  • Estimating costs in the cloud
    • TCO Calculator
    • Pricing Calculator
  • Tracking costs
    • Billing Dashboard
    • The Cost Allocation Tags
    • Cost and Usage Report
    • Cost Explorer
  • Monitoring against Cost Plans
    • Billing Alarms
    • Budgets

So, this is a brief introduction to the things to cover up while preparing for Cloud Practitioner. These are the important points that you have to prepare about it.

✅ Where to learn from

Now the question arises where you have to spend your valuable time and get quality learning. Here are the top two recommended courses which I suggest you focus on.

Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner by Stephane Mareek

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner by Neil Davis

✅ What is the estimate of the certification?

Udemy Course Cost:- Rs 455 – Rs 500/-

Certifications Cost:- 100 USD ( Rs 7400 approx.)

The first certification may be a little expensive, but after successful completion, you are given a golden opportunity of 50% cost reduction for the further certifications, which can be a life savior.


So, guys, this was a small idea about AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. We promise to provide you with more such content, having the frequently asked questions which will boost up your confidence. In the next post, we will discuss mostly asked Q&A in the Certification examination.

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