In this post, we will learn how to use the Javascript Slick library to make an interactive and responsive carousel. Slick.js is the Javascript library that uses jQuery to implement the slider/carousel in the component. It is easy to implement.

So, Let’s start and see how anyone can implement it in their projects.

🔹What are the prerequisites of Slick.js ?

Before starting this, we have to import the jQuery library into our project, so that slick can use and help us to make the carousel.

Copy jQuery CDN link for your reference:

🔹Include the script and styling

There are two ways to use the script and styling of the Slick slider.

  • To download the slick.js and slick.css file from here and copy both files into the project. Then use this below script.
  • Another way is to use the CDN links that are easy and don’t require any other file.

🔹Let’s understand with the example

Suppose, we have 9 slides to show on the carousel.

Now, it’s time to initialize the slick to the carousel-container class.


The above piece of code has three slides to show at the same time and one slide scroll with a speed of 350 milliseconds.

We can handle most of the features in the slick, for example, slideToshow, slideToScroll, Dots, etc.

So this is a basic example of how to make a carousel. Now, we will discuss the features to make it a responsive and more cool and interactive carousel.

🔹Cool features of Slick

If we are not passing any parameter in the slick function, then Slick is having predefined properties. For example:

Basic Slick Carousel with predefined properties
1️⃣ Breakpoints (for responsiveness)

So like this, you can customize the features using the responsive, breakpoint properties.

2️⃣ Variable Width

By default, the width of the slides is the same, but if you want to show the real width of the slides, then you can use this property.

3️⃣ Center Padding

This is one of the cool features of the slick carousel. It helps to highlight the selected slide in the center.

4️⃣ Lazy Loading

Sometimes, we have a requirement in the slider that the image should be loaded for minor seconds and then show the image, this term we could say Lazy loading.

5️⃣ Miscellaneous
  • The autoplay property will be used if you want to make the slide in a autoplay mode.
  • If you want to customize the dots, their class then it is also possible.
  • Same like dots, if you want to add the selector or class
  • Want to slide in a reverse manner
  • To add the fade effect when scrolling

🔹Some useful Slick functions

You can use these below functions in any of the event listeners of jQuery to customize the slider according to your need.

So, this is all about the Slick.js library in Javascript / jQuery which you would like to use in your projects. I hope you enjoyed the article and if you found this useful then share this among your friends or on social media.

If you have any queries please feel free to post them in the comments section or anything that you wanted to ask through mail contact.

Thank you😉

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