Wipro, TCS Pay Engineers Less Than Startups?

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How much do software engineers earn in India and are there differences between the salaries at service companies and product startups?

Everyone believes, and some even know, that software engineers are paid extremely well in India. But how well.

A startup that helps companies make best engineering hires, has revealed that compared to salaries in other professions.

But the odds of them earning tens of lakhs per annum are particularly high if they are working with one of product startups, instead of traditional IT companies like Wipro, TCS and Infosys.

On Twitter, Singh put out some charts and figures on Monday evening,  highlighting the findings that Weekday stumbled upon when it analysed  salary data of over 50,000 engineers.

A/c to Singh, reveals that engineers working for startups like CRED, Meesho, Swiggy & others get a lot more annual salary when compared to people working for Indian IT companies like Wipro, TCS, Infosys

These figures are much higher compared to what engineers are paid in service-based traditional IT companies like TCS, Wipro.

MNC that pay just around 10 lakh per annum to software engineers with 4 years of experience.

The starting salary offered by these big IT companies is around 7 lakhs on an annual basis, which too is significantly less than what startups can offer.