Why Do Leaders Want Employees To Come to the Office Every Day?

Covid-19 has changed the perspective of working for employees and organizations. Companies have come forward with different models of working including WFH, Hybrid, and WFO.

A global leadership development and human resources consulting firm, Amogh Deshmukh, MD at DDI India said, “Most leaders feel that employees need to get back to the office"

Because productivity is dipping – much in contrast to the early observations that work-from-home had raised productivity.

But even more than productivity, Deshmukh says, is the need to build a purpose-driven organization.

Every organization’s website has a purpose statement on why their organization exists a statement that defines the culture of the company & builds loyalty.

The data makes clear that hybrid work has created a growing disconnect between employees and leaders.

They’re at odds about what constitutes productivity, how to maintain autonomy while ensuring accountability.

As per the latest move, India’s largest IT Services Provider TCS has sent emails to employees asking them to work from an office at least three days a week.

The companies have been coming forward in bringing their employees back to the office.