WhatsApp! Two Urgent Warnings were Issued to Android and iPhone Users

WhatsApp users have two fresh alerts to watch out for with some devices being blocked from sending messages.

And a fake version of the popular messaging app trying to steal personal details.

The first alert affects anyone with an Android device in their pocket with cyber criminals targeting these phones via an unofficial version of  WhatsApp

As spotted by the security team at Kasperky, an app called YoWahtsApp comes laced with a nasty malware called Triada.

Once installed, this bug allows hackers to take complete control of an  account with criminals then able to send malicious money-stealing messages to friends and contacts.

Modified versions of WhatsApp remain hugely popular as they often claim to offer bonus features that can't be found on the official version of WhatsApp.

Android users are always the biggest target of these apps as they can be  sideloaded onto devices without a trip to the Google Play store.

Adding apps to an iPhone is impossible without Apple vetting them first which is why these types of scams only target Android.

In particular, malware like Triada can steal an IM account, and for  example, use it to send unsolicited messages, including malicious spam.