WhatsApp No Longer Allows Desktop Users To Send View Once Messages

WhatsApp has dropped the ability to send and open view once messages on the desktop.

When trying to access a view once message on a desktop, it now shows a message reading it can be opened on a phone for added privacy.

In simple words, the view once the message is no longer supported on the desktop.

A website that closely follows all WhatsApp updates, this change is  gradually rolling out to all users and could take some time for a complete rollout

This move from WhatsApp is to stay consistent with the screenshot blocking feature which adds an extra layer of security.

When sending view once messages as these messages cannot be saved through screenshots or a video recording.

By removing the ability to send or open-view messages on a desktop, WhatsApp wants to ensure that the new safety measures are not violated.

Previously, one could open such a message on a desktop and take a screenshot easily.

The view once message support has been removed on all desktop apps  including WhatsApp Web/Desktop, Windows and beta  for macOS.

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