WhatsApp Beta for Android What's new?

WhatsApp is rolling out a new update through the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to

WhatsApp is working on adding a label within the chat bubble if the message has been edited, for a future update of the app.

We posted news about editing messages: thanks to this feature, users  will be able to fix their typos after sending their messages.

The feature is still under development but thanks to the recent WhatsApp beta for Android update

As you can see in last screenshot, the label “Edited” will show up when a message has been edited.

In addition, we can finally reveal that WhatsApp will give you exactly 15 minutes to edit a message.

WhatsApp may not ensure that your message will really be edited if the  recipient does not turn on their device within a certain amount of time.

Unfortunately, this feature is under development and we don’t have any  information about a release date, and we don’t even have information  when a new update will be released.