WhatsApp New Feature: Self Chat Allows Users To Send Messages To Themselves

New Feature

New Feature

WhatsApp is here with another useful feature. The Meta-owned messaging  platform will now allow its users to send messages to themselves.

Read and know about WhatsApp’s “Self Chat Window“, its components, steps to use, and more.

The instant messaging service, Whatsapp is working on multiple features to enhance user experience.

The latest addition to WhatsApp is the new ‘Self chat window’. It allows users to write notes to themselves.

Whatsapp has around 2 billion users all over the world. To make the user experience better the instant messaging app keeps on making changes for the good.

What is a ‘Self Chat Window’?

All WhatsApp users can now set notes, and put reminders on all devices

However, the update is under test, so rolling out can be delayed for the next few weeks.

This new update will add much functionality to WhatsApp Web and other apps for multiple devices.

Also, this new feature (Self Chat in WhatsApp) will emerge as one of a kind when it comes to other similar platforms.

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