WhatsApp is Releasing an App Sidebar and Status Reply on Windows Beta

Last week, WhatsApp released a new beta version for the native Windows  application to some users: the build number is 2.2240.1.0.

After installing this update, an app sidebar shows up and users can now reply to status updates!

In August, WhatsApp released some updates that implement two important features for WhatsApp beta for Windows.

The first feature was about the ability to react to messages by using any emoji, already available on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and Desktop.

The second one lets users see status updates.

Some features may still be missing since it is a beta, for example, the ability to reply to status updates.

Finally, WhatsApp is bringing this feature to the most recent 2.2240.1.0  update that has been released last week to some beta testers

You still cannot create a new status update in this build but maybe it will be possible in the future.

It should be released to everyone on the Microsoft Store today so be sure to update to the 2.2240.1.0 beta build in order to get these features.