WhatsApp For iOS 22.21.75: What’s New?

WhatsApp has just submitted a new stable update for iOS, available on the App Store: the build number is 22.21.75.

What’s new in this update? WhatsApp is officially releasing the ability to react to status updates to everyone!

During the past month, WhatsApp released the ability to react to status updates to some lucky users that tested the latest versions of WhatsApp  beta for Android and iOS.

WhatsApp also launched a small test by enabling this feature to some lucky people that use stable releases on the App Store.

We noticed that the official changelog reports several new features but  the one that’s new and has been widely rolled out to users is exactly  the ability to react to status updates!

You can now react to status updates by choosing one of these available  emojis: Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, Face with Tears of Joy, Face with  Open Mouth, Crying Face, etc...

The best way to test the feature is to open a status update and swipe  up: if you see 8 emojis, it means the feature is available for your account.

The ability to react to status updates is finally available for more iOS  users so be sure to update the app from the App Store.