WhatsApp Features Can be Misused Against You! How to Report Offenders

The view once media cannot be saved to the recipient’s pictures or gallery.

Moreover, once a user sends the media, it won’t be possible to see it again.

With WhatsApp’s View Once media feature, users may share photos & videos that immediately vanish after the receiver has viewed them once.

Although the function is meant to give WhatsApp users more privacy, there may be occasions when it is abused.

Or the sender sends inappropriate images or videos that harm the recipient’s mental or emotional health.

In such cases, the instant messaging platform has provided measures to report such users.

1. Launch WhatsApp on your smartphone

2. Enter the specific conversation that has sent a view once message

3. Click or tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen to access the menu

4. Click on the Report contact option now. Choose the Report unknown user option if the contact who shared the message is unknown.