WFH Nears its end at TCS, Only a matter of Time Before All are Back in Office

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TCS employees seeking exemption on medical grounds are being referred to doctors empanelled by the company for validation

TOI has seen some of the mails exchanged between employees, their managers and the HR team of the company on this matter.

In these mails, employees have beenasked to furnish medical records like diagnosis, treatment & the medical certificate for the team of medical professionals empanelled by TCS to Certify.

HR also tells the employee that work from home is "not encouraged"

In another mail, HR has noted, "Any non-compliance on or after 10 October 2022 will be viewed seriously and administrative measures including placing you on leave may be applied." 

After the consultation with TCS doctors, some have been given the option to work from home for a few days,

But are also being told that based on business requirements, they may need to report to the office.

The company has started tracking employee attendance, and those not coming to the office at least thrice a week are being asked to get themselves rostered. 

On Monday, the chief human resource officer, Milind Lakkad, said that one-third of the workforce has started working from the office. By December, all employees at TCS.