This Recession was Anticipated, says TCS MD & CEO Rajesh Gopinathan 

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The country’s largest information technology services firm Tata  Consultancy Services (TCS) put in a strong performance with total  contract value (TCV) of $8.1 billion in the second quarter.

Moreover, it crossed Rs 10,000 crore in profits.

It appears as though Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Rajesh Gopinathan’s plans to rejig the company to bring more focus on clients are playing out well.

In an interview with Shivani Shinde, he talks about the new structure and the continuing problem of attrition.

The company clarified in the press conference that the $11 billion  number from the previous quarter was marked by two big deal wins.

“I think it is safe to assume that we will be in the $7-9 billion range. This quarter, two $400 million deals were the largest we had"

TCS revealed that its retail segment grew the fastest, and healthcare is now on the backburner again, coming in at the end

TCS MD & CEO says attrition is way beyond the firm's comfort levels