These Companies Have the WORST Privacy Policies

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Before you sign up for a service or create a website account, there are  usually pages and pages of terms of service, end-user license agreements  and privacy policies to go through

The terms and conditions are usually generic and while the language is different for each app or service, the overall message is the same.

Interestingly, several websites and YouTube channels go over each painstaking line and explain it in layperson's terms.

Unfortunately, some websites make these policies deliberately challenging to read. Here are the worst offenders.

Here are VPN Overview's top 10 worst Privacy Policies ranked by readability score

Disney+ (2.83) Instagram (6.19) Coral (10.8)

Zoom (15.01) Rightmove (15.54) Wayfair (19.3)

Wikipedia (19.54) UPS (20.51) Adidas (23.54) Uber Eats (22.73)

Tech giants like Netflix and Slack found themselves in 12th and 13th  positions. Spotify came in at 14th, and Xbox landed the 16th position.