The Impact of Global Recession on India’s Job Market in FY23

Google has started to roll out a new privacy feature that will allow people to  directly make a request to remove Search results that contain their personal information.

The projection frames that the United States might tip into recession.

India is at a phase where the emphasis is on moderating policies around  inflation control which help will hold India at a considerably better  level than other countries.

India has witnessed a substantial transformation in terms of infrastructure development and an upsurge in export capacity

History shows that India has benefitted in some way after every US slump.

The downfall in commodity prices and the significant reversion of powerful foreign outflows have helped the Indian rupee gain.

Many developed, technologically, and economically evolved countries are facing substantial challenges 

Top three data-driven factors on how the Indian job market will get impacted.

1. Stabilized and Improved Job Demand in Various Sectors

2. Profitability Under Pressure

3. Employee Retention Becoming a More Significant Challenge