Terraform  vs  Cloudformation

Cloud Automation


AWS CloudFormation is an infrastructure templating, or infrastructure as code (IaC) service provided free of charge by AWS.


HashiCorp Terraform addresses similar needs, including an IaC declarative approach, but in a cloud agnostic way.

The Mode of Usage

CloudFormation specially  designed for AWS services. whereas Terraform covers multiple cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, GCP, Databricks and many more.

Languages Supported

CloudFormation supports JSON and YAML. whereas Terraform supports Hashicorp's proprietary Language. It is JSON compatible


CloudFormation is a managed AWS service, it checks the infrastructure consistently to detect whether the provisioned infra is maintaining its state or not.


Terraform stores the state of the infrastructure on the provisioning machine in the form of file with .tfstate extension.


CloudFormation utilizes a system called “nested stacks.” That is, CloudFormation  templates being called from within CloudFormation templates.


Terraform has a modules, which are containers for multiple resources that are used together.


CloudFormation uses parameters, and has a maximum of 60 parameters per template


Terraform uses provider specific data sources. The implementation is in a modular fashion, allowing data to be fetched or computed.

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