TCS Struggles To Get Young Employees Back To Office

Not more than 20% of TCS employees have returned to work from office, according to people aware of the matter.

A few weeks ago, the software services company has been trying to  evoke nostalgia about working from the office via social media posts.

The post from Facebook from two weeks ago talks about “favorite office nooks.”

he company has also been using the hashtag “TogetherWeBelong” to promote work from office.

The tech behemoth has also been featuring individual employees on its  social media handles with the hashtags “OneTCS” and “PeopleOfTCS.”

The company's social media accounts have also been featuring different office campuses, like the TCS Think Campus Bengaluru, TCS Sahyadri Park  Pune, among others.

They also recently posted a virtual campus tour of the TCS Olympus Mumbai to engage employees.

It is worth noting that TCS announced post-pandemic that they would adopt the 25/25 model in a phased manner by 2025.

The employee further said, “I wish the 25/25 model was in place already, would make life relatively easier.”