TCS Makes Major Statement On Moonlighting. What Employees Should Know

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TCS made a major  statement on moonlighting and said it has communicated with its  employees about its stance on the policy.

Amid the raging debate on moonlighting with Indian IT industry

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd made a strong statement against the  practice and said it was against the company's "core values and  culture".

TCS's statement comes weeks after Infosys sacked 300 employees working  for rival firms while drawing full-time salaries at the software firm.

"Moonlighting we believe is an ethical issue and it's against our TCS core values and culture in general"

"I am not talking about IT industry as a whole, I am talking about TCS  perspective. We have been communicating this to employees," Lakkad said  according to a report by Mint.

Chief Executive Rajesh Gopinathan said, "It is codified in our  employment contract that you are not allowed to work for another employer."

Many IT companies including Infosys, cloud major IBM, Wipro made it  clear that the practice is not ethical and they do not promote such  behaviour at workplace.

Many businesses rightly expect their employees to be the advocates of their brand.