Ola, Uber, Rapido Reduce Base Fares in Karnataka after Govt Steps in

Ola, Uber and Rapido have reduced their base fare to Rs 30 from Rs 60 per ride in Karnataka.

With effect from October 8, amid the state transport department’s notice to stop services of all aggregator.

Run autos in Bengaluru for the next three days due to the surging prices.

The base fare was increased to Rs 60 due to a rise in fuel prices.

And to increase the income of auto drivers, the companies claim.

The auto fare on any trip in Bangalore comprises three components - base fare, per kilometer fare which is mandated by the government.

The issue arose when the base fare on a trip was changed from Rs 30 to  Rs 60 last month, said two industry sources on the condition of  anonymity.

As fuel price changed, pick-up cost went up and it became unviable for drivers to make the pick-ups in absence of any increase.

Also, pick-up distances have increased after Covid," said the person cited above.