Is ₹1 lakh monthly salary a big deal for young professionals?

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Young professionals tell how they manage with the salary that has been a benchmark for a successful career.

Hyderabad resident Surya Chaudhary earns a little over  ₹1 lakh every month, a milestone he aspired for since the beginning of his career five years ago.

While he is able to afford a comfortable lifestyle with that salary, he  says it is conservative when compared to what he had expected.

“I cook my own breakfast as the maid charges  ₹1,500 extra," he says.

In FY23, Infosys is expected to hire 50,000 people from college campuses.

Chaudhary starts his day with a trip to CultFit gym (it cost him  ₹10,000 for a four-month subscription).

He commutes to work by an electric scooter, which he bought in January for  ₹90,000, after he was asked to return to the office post pandemic.

“My office is only 5 km away but cab fares have soared, and cost  ₹120- ₹150 even for short distances,"