Infosys New Policy: Infosys Employees Making Policy of Giving Two Jobs

Amidst the strictness of companies on Moonlighting, the veteran IT company Infosys has given relief news to its employees.

The company’s CEO Salil Parekh has said that he respects the employees’ ambition to learn and do more

Also formulating a policy to allow them to work elsewhere.

There is relief news for the employees working in two or more companies simultaneously.

The company is working on such a policy, which can give exemption to employees for doing small work of other companies.

However, for this it will be necessary that the employees take permission from their manager in advance.

We will ensure that the terms of the contract and confidentiality are fully respected while making the policy.

If the employee is working separately with the prior permission of his manager, then the company will not face any problem.

Although Infosys did not give the number of employees fired due to moonlighting, another IT company Wipro has fired 300 of its employees in  this case.