Infosys Moonlighting: Companies should Not Put Lid on Employee Dreams

These comments by the minister come at a time when Wipro has fired 300 of its employees for moonlighting and Infosys has warned its personnel over the practice

Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology and  Skill Development Rajeev Chandrasekhar on September 23 supported moonlighting.

He is saying that companies should not put a lid on employees' dreams.

“Today’s youngsters have every sense of confidence and purpose about  wanting to monetise, create more values put of his or her own skills"

"So, the efforts of companies that want to pin their employees down and  say that you should not work on your own start-up are doomed to fail,” he said.

These comments come at a time when software major Wipro has fired 300 of its employees for moonlighting.

And peer Infosys has warned its personnel that moonlighting could lead to termination of their jobs.

In an email, Infosys had said that it “strictly discourages dual employment”, and it defined moonlighting as a practice of working on a second job.

"Any captive models will fade. Employers expect employees to be  entrepreneurial while serving them. The same people can apply it  personally to themselves," the minister said at the 9th Annual Forum 2022 of the PAFI.