IBM Says Moonlighting is Conflict Of Interest

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IBM informs its employees that it can not engage in a second job or gig in any capacity as it is against the company contract.

“A second job could be full time part time or contractual in nature but  at its core is a failure to comply with employment obligations and a  potential conflict or interest with IBM’s interest,"

Said a note from Sandip Patel, India and South Asia head of IBM to employees.

IBM’s message to its workforce comes on the back of IT sector coming up with ways to check whether their manpower are working on the sly.

Infosys is the first among its peers to acknowledge the gig workforce  and is ready to let them work for external jobs and projects.

The company is setting up a human resources team, comprising delivery  and legal experts who will chalk out policies to this new initiative a  success.

Recently, Wipro’s executive chairman, Rishad Premji, labelled the moonlighting trend as “cheating", sparking a debate.

And bringing the long-festering issue into the limelight. The company has fired 300 employees who were caught moonlighting for rivals.

The tech firm’s views on moonlighting mirror that of TCS which called out the “ethical issue" of the practice.