How will 5G India launch 

Impact the lives of Indians?


We spoke to Lt. Gen. Dr. S.P. Kochhar, Director General, COAI,  immediately after India’s 5G spectrum auction to get some insights about  the Indian telecommunications.


We also asked the COAI Director General the age-old question about EMF radiation fears of 5G frequency bands.


How 5G will boost the Indian economy, and what steps the industry is taking to safeguard 5G networks in terms of national security.

Q) Is 5G still safe? Is 5G going to add to people’s worries from a health and safety perspective in India?

This question should now be put to rest because the Indian IT Minister himself has gone on record saying that 5G networks are very safe. As far as scientific evidence is concerned, there is nothing, not even 0.1% evidence to suggest that 5G networks are unsafe.

Q) How will 5G services roll-out across India over the next few months and years?

One will be to cater to the demands originating from metros and the second rollout would be related to enterprise 5G services which will open up new markets, applications and use cases, and that’s where the maximum 5G revenue is going to be generated from.

Q) How do you react to social media memes claiming with 5G launch Indians will finally see promised 4G network speeds?

Our telecom infrastructure across the country requires more power to run  at optimal levels. The permissions, clearances required for procuring  more power are very difficult and also quite expensive.

Q) How will 5G roll-out across India impact us positively?

While e-commerce takes over 78 percent of the traffic on any network across all Indian telecom operators, the bandwidth requirement of e-commerce traffic is actually very low – as it isn’t high bandwidth  like video streaming or online gaming

Q) How will indigenous Indian 5G hardware ramp up to safeguard our 5G networks against Chinese ODMs?

The active network needs software plus hardware stack expertise. The software component India doesn’t have a problem with, we have always been making software for the entire world and research labs of the world, and we can do it