Here’s Where to Buy Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 4090

Nvidia's biggest, baddest graphics card ever is finally here. But where can you actually get your hands on one?

It’s launch day for Nvidia’s latest, greatest, and absolutely girthiest graphics cards.

"Nvidia’s monstrous GeForce RTX 4090 delivers luxuriously fast frame  rates and futuristic features, but DLSS 3’s AI speed boost may be the real star"

“It’s a behemoth of a GPU that draws a lot of power, but Nvidia’s  sublime Founders Edition design remains cool, quiet, and eye-catching.”

And if you’ve sold a member or two of your family and you’re ready to buy this luxurious $1,599+ graphics card

You probably want to know where you can actually get your hands on an RTX 4090 when it hits the street on October 12.

At launch day, it’s often hard to find both Nvidia’s standard “Founders Edition” cards & the various flavors of the GPU offered by third-party manufacturers in stock.

Generally, we find that it’s best to start with Nvidia’s online store, then walk your way through the usual suspects of electronics retailers.