Every year, many people plan their spending around Amazon Prime Day, which is a large, two-day sale where people can purchase everything from cookware to snacks at discounted rates.

And although there is always a slew of offerings, fresh, made-to-eat food is not one of them.

Amazon announced that it will have two instances this year when it will have blowout deals — with one occurring in July and its upcoming counterpart happening on October 11 through October 12

Amazon Prime users were incentivized to spend on Grubhub, as they were essentially given a free annual membership.

Specifically, a Grubhub+ member gets free delivery if they spend over $12, which could easily cancel out the price of an annual Amazon Prime membership, which is $139 a year.

Amazon and the food delivery service are joining forces again, to bring customers a tasty shopping experience all throughout Amazon Prime Day.

However, there is a catch. Users must be on the Grubhub+ one-year plan, which was mentioned before.

Exclusive members can save big on a meal with this discount (via Ridester). This means a $25 dish, which is the average cost of a cheap meal in New York City will cost $20.

Additional rules include having to be used on orders $15 or above and only taking up to $10 off.