HCLTech Hits Out at Moonlighting After TCS, Infosys, and Wipro

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On Wednesday,  HCL Technologies joined in on the controversy surrounding moonlighting, saying that while the practice is not allowed, it is not a huge problem at the business.

In layman's terms, " moonlighting" is when an employee works at more than one job at once.

The company's Chief People Officer Ramachandran Sundararajan said, "We  do not encourage our employees to hold down other jobs while employed by HCL Tech."

"Everyone who joins HCL Tech does so under the terms of an exclusive employment contract. We depend  on our staff to uphold their contracts' confidentiality and non-compete terms."

Contrary to his fears, he claims that moonlighting is not a major issue at HCL Technologies.

"We don't have a major problem with individuals working two jobs.  Honestly, that is not a major issue. A few isolated cases have  occurred," according to what he had to say.

The only modification to this year's annual compensation review was a  quarter-long delay in payment for the company's senior leadership team.

The remaining 98% of workers have received pay raises in accordance with  the normative cycle, and these raises have been maintained.

Meanwhile, Wipro's  CEO Thierry Delaporte stated on Wednesday that although little side  gigs were OK, working for a rival is a "matter of ethics,"