Google Removes These Apps From Play Store For This Reason

According to reports, Google has banned 16 apps from the Play Store that were using a lot of data and draining batteries quickly on Android devices.

The security company that discovered these issues claims that the removed programmes were engaging in ad fraud.

By secretly rerouting to websites where they would click on advertisements while posing as legitimate users.

The security company claims that the apps had 20 million downloads before they were taken down from the store.

Google banned 16 McAfee-detected apps from the Play Store. According to  McAfee, the removed software belongs to the category of "utility" apps.

That typically carry out simple tasks like enabling users to scan a QR code and access the associated website.

Turning on the device's flashlight, or as simple as a currency converter or a calculator.

This discovery was made by a security firm in California.

McAfee found that when these apps were activated, they would automatically download code, receive alerts to browse websites without  the user's knowledge,