Google pays billions annually to remain top search engine

Alphabet Inc.’s Google pays billions of dollars each year to Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. and other telecom giants to illegally maintain its spot as the No. 1 search engine.

Google invests billions in defaults, knowing people won’t change them,” Dintzer told Judge Amit Mehta during a hearing in Washington.

Google’s contracts form the basis of the DOJ’s landmark antitrust lawsuit, which alleges the company has sought to maintain its online search monopoly in violation of antitrust laws.

State attorneys general are pursuing a parallel antitrust suit against the search giant, also

The White House Thursday hosted a roundtable with experts to explore the harm major tech platforms can wreak on the economy and children’s health.

Google’s attorney said the DOJ and states misunderstand the market and focus too narrowly on smaller search engine rivals like Bing and DuckDuckGo

Google faces competition from dozens of other companies, he said, including TikTok, Meta Platforms  Inc., Inc., etc where consumers go to search for information.

“You don’t have to go to Google to shop on Amazon. You don’t have to go to Google to buy plane tickets on Expedia,” he said.

Google controls the most popular browser, Chrome, and the second-most popular mobile operating system, Android.