IT sector faces havoc

Bangalore Flood

Bengaluru is unlikely to get any respite from the incessant rains for  the next couple of days as the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD)  said

Widespread rains for next 5 days in coastal & North interior Karnataka, 3 days widespread rains followed by fairly widespread rains  in the next 2 days in South interior Karnataka,

On September 6, Bengaluru experienced traffic bottlenecks, power  outages, flooded houses, submerged vehicles, inundated roads and  streets.

Many IT employees in Bengaluru used tractors to go to work. On September 5, a large number of regional workers for IT businesses commuted by tractor.

India's silicon valley had major waterlogging as a result of ongoing, torrential rains

We cannot take so many leaves from the office, our work is getting affected. We are awaiting tractors to drop us for  ₹50," a woman working in an IT firm had told ANI.

The business operations on the city’s key Outer Ring Road (ORR), an area where big name international firms such as Microsoft Corp, Intel Corp,  and Morgan Stanley have offices was affected.

The poor infrastructure in the city’s technology corridor is “bringing  down the efficiency and productivity of the companies and putting  employees’ safety and wellbeing at risk,"

Flooding led to a five-hour traffic jam where workers were stuck leading  to a loss of about $30 million, the group said in the letter.