Facebook Reveals Login Credentials of over 1 Million Users Stolen

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Meta, has warned its users about hundreds of apps on Apple and Google's app stores that were specifically designed to steal login credentials.

According to The Verge, the company has said that over 400 malicious apps disguised as games

Photo editors, and other utilities have been identified by them.

Facebook is notifying users who "may have unknowingly self-compromised  their accounts by downloading these apps and sharing their credentials

Meta said that the apps tricked people into downloading them with fake reviews and promises of useful functionality.

it reported the apps to Google and Apple and got them taken down, but  it’s still not a great look that they made it onto the stores.

As per Bloomberg, a million users were potentially affected.

Facebook’s report indicates that the issue is significantly worse on the  Play Store as out of the 402 malicious apps on its list, 355 were for  Android, and 47 were for iOS.