Meta Layoffs: Facebook Reportedly Laying Off Thousands of Employees

Meta Platforms is carrying out “quiet layoffs” at Facebook to slash its headcount as global headwinds.

Executives told directors across the company they should select at least 15% of their teams to be labelled as “needs support”

This selective restructuring hints at a possible layoff of about 15% of the workforce, or about 12,000 employees.

According to the report, the potential layoffs were revealed last week in a post by a Meta worker on Blind.

Blind – an app popular with tech workers that requires a valid company email address to use anonymously.

“These 15% will likely be put on PIP (performance improvement plan) and be let go,” the person wrote.

In Facebook's employee-review process, someone who is “in need of  support” is considered to be performing below the benchmark goals.

Such employees are put on a PIP, which more often than not results in layoffs.

With so many people deemed to be underperforming, and some being given 30 days to find a new position at the company or leave.