Elon Musk has a ‘Super App’ Plan for Twitter. It’s Super Vague

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has expressed interest in creating his own version of China’s WeChat — a “super app”

That does video chats, messaging, streaming and payments — for the rest of the world...

At least, that is, once he’s done buying Twitter after months of legal infighting over the $44 billion purchase agreement he signed in April.

First is that a Musk-owned Twitter wouldn’t be the only global company in pursuit of this goal.

Facebook parent Meta has spent years trying to make its flagship platform a destination for everything online.

So far, it’s had little success; nearly all of its revenue still comes from advertising.

Google, Snap, TikTok, Uber and others have also tried to jump on the  super app bandwagon, expanding their offerings in an effort to become  indispensable to people as they go about their day.

“Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app,”

“Musk would not only have to overcome the hurdle of convincing consumers  to change how they behave online, but also that Twitter is the place to  do it,” Enberg said.