IT Capital in Waters

Due to Severe Rainfall Alert

IT suffers Loss

Bengaluru IT companies suffer a loss of at least ₹225 crore as workers stay stuck in traffic amidst floods.

IT suffers Loss

They have claimed that poor infrastructure of the city is making them suffer losses.

Traffic Stuck

As their employees were stuck in the traffic for around five hours in  heavy flood situation that brought the city down on its knees that day.

Urge to  Re-develop

The Outer Ring Road Companies Association had written to CM Basavaraj Bommai on September 01 about the loss and the urgent need to Re-develop the infrastructure of the city.


The poor infrastructure of the ORR has now reached a crisis level, they said in the letter.

Global concern

“It is appalling that there is no focus on the development of  infrastructure in this particular area. The recent collapse of  Bengaluru’s infrastructure is now a global concern and is also questions  the growth of the city,”

Alternative Destination

The association has also feared that the companies might seek an alternative destination if the situation remains the same.


“ORR IT generates revenue of USD 22 billion per annum, which is 32 percent of Bengaluru’s revenue, and is the highest tax contributor”.

High Alert

“The inadequate infrastructure on ORR has now reached a crisis-level.