Cognizant Fired 12,000 Indian Employees Over Fake Experience, Resumes

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After Accenture, Cognizant is next in line to fire employees for including forged experience for a job.

The company has stated that there has been attrition due to failed background checks.

Cognizant has revealed that they have had a 6% involuntary attrition in the quarter that ended in September.

As per Nambiar, “They don’t have the right background to continue in that role. We have  no tolerance for anyone who doesn’t clear background checks.

Because of a number of factors, including a delay in recruiting, businesses do not do background checks before onboarding.

If they did, it would require screening every applicant who is given a position, including some who don’t even want to work for the organisation.

They also avoid such checks because employers seek speedy hires that  will reduce candidates’ propensity to look for new employment  opportunities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire hiring process has moved online.

That has led to an increase in incidents of fraudulent documents and resumes.