Chandigarh University Taken Strict Action against Those Found Guilty

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The university authorities rejected reports that videos of several women students were made and shared on social media.


Protests erupted on the campus of a private university in Punjab's Mohali over "rumours" that objectionable videos of several women students were recorded by a hostelite.


After a preliminary investigation, the police arrested a woman student and dispatched a team to apprehend a youth in Himachal Pradesh.


The university authorities also rejected as "false and baseless" reports  that claimed that videos of several women students in the varsity hostel were made.

Mohali police say protests took place over ‘rumours’

Most of the protesters were dressed in black clothes and raised slogans like "we want justice" in the presence of the police.


The arrested student's mobile phone has been seized for forensic analysis, he said, adding that no suicide attempt by any student or death has occurred.

Forensic Analysis

Chief Minister Mann ordered the probe into the incident, saying strict action will be taken against those found guilty.

Punjab CM orders probe

“Sad to hear about the unfortunate incident at Chandigarh University... our daughters are our honour... a high-level inquiry has been ordered into the incident... severe action will be taken against whoever is  found guilty,” said Mr. Mann in a tweet in Punjabi.

CM Tweet

The incident sparked a flurry of reactions from political parties and the Central and State women's rights bodies too stepped in.

Punjab CM orders probe

"Victim girls should keep courage. We are all with you. All should act with patience," he said in a tweet in Hindi.

Punjab CM orders probe

"I understand parents' concern and I want to assure them that the incident is being investigated by the police," she said.

Police Statement

Notably, in a video, the warden is purportedly seen asking the woman  student, “Who told you to record the video?..You will be suspended".

Viral Video