Apple iPhone 14, Ultra Watch

Photo Credit: Google Images

Apple Inc introduced a range of new iPhone 14 models capable of sending a call  for help via satellite during an emergency.

As well as crash-detection ability and an adventure-focused Ultra Watch.

The iPhone 14 will start at $799 and the iPhone Plus at $899 and both will be available for pre-order starting Sept. 9.

Apple said it put together a system that will work with emergency responders during emergencies in remote areas.

It also said that in some situations, users will be able to use its. FindMy app to share their location via satellite when they have no other  connectivity.

The Ultra has a bigger battery to last through events like triathlons  and better waterproofing and temperature resistance to operate in  outdoor environments.

The Series 8 with cellular will start at $499 and the SE will start at  $299 with cellular. The Ultra, which includes cellular in its base  model, will start at $799 and be available Sept. 23.

An early preview would be rare for Apple, which keeps its product plans secret until just before devices hit the market.

"Developing for a new and radically different type of platform is going to take people a lot longer," O'Donnell said.