Apple iPhone 14 Pro Review - The Apple Smartphone is Ready

This year's annual upgrade to Apple's iPhone not only brings an obligatory new SoC, but also the end of the notch as we know it.

The new model introduces a dual hole-punch solution, which transforms  into the new Dynamic Island through some clever software tweaks.

For the first time, the camera now has access to a 48 MP sensor and pixel-binning.

The iPhone enters the next round with this year's iPhone 14 Pro succeeding last year's iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple uses a new SoC, improved cameras, and the latest iOS version while retaining the same form factor once again this time around.

The camera upgrades are particularly interesting this year, since the Cupertino-giant is using a 48 MP main sensor and pixel-binning technology for the first time.

The iPhone 14 Pro comes in four different colors: Space Black, Silver, Gold, and Deep Purple.

The cameras on the back now protrude even further from the case at 4.15 mm (~0.16 in)

The build quality and the materials of the iPhone 14 Pro are outstanding. The clearances are extremely tight and even.