Apple iPad Pro With M2 Chip Launching In Few Days, Mac Pros Later

Apple is about to refresh its iPad Pro lineup with the M2 chipset this month, and more details about its launch has been revealed.

Apple is going to launch the new iPad Pro powered by M2 chips in the coming days, as per Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.

Now he claims that the M2-powered iPad Pro models will be revealed via a press release in the next few days.

He adds that Apple will have the 11-inch and the 12.9-inch versions upgraded to the latest M-series silicone.

These two models are unlikely to see major design changes but could be offered with MagSafe wireless charging support.

Gurman does not talk about the 10.9-inch iPad getting a refresh, which has been widely expected this month.

Instead, he talks about Apple’s focus on releasing the iPadOS 16 version for the older iPad Pros and the new ones.

Gurman had earlier mentioned that iPadOS 16 will be rolling out on Oct 24, so it is possible that his ‘next few days’ for the iPad Pros will be on the same date.

Apple was forced to delay the release of iPadOS 16 to October, and now  it is likely that Apple will offer the iPadOS 16.1 version itself.