Apple CEO Tim Cook Impressed By 9-year-old Indian App Developer

A nine-year-old Indian app developer based in Dubai has impressed Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook with her new iOS app.

The tech giant boss congratulated her in reply to her email about her storytelling app.

The girl's father said that Apple has the means to verify claims related to app development.

Hana's ten-year-old elder sister Leena Fathima is her coding teacher.

Hana claims she had to write 10,000 lines of code to develop the app  that enables parents to record stories in their own voices for their children

The girl said the idea behind the app came from a documentary she had watched.

Parents can record stories for their children to listen to as they go off to sleep.

Hana's elder sister Leena has created a website called Lehanas which teaches children about words, colours and animals.

She also included a link to the chief minister's fund on her website when the floods ravaged Kerala.

Both the girls are self-taught coders and have been homeschooled by their parents.