Adobe buys Figma

$20 Billion

Adobe bought Figma for $20 Billion and thereby wiped out its biggest competitor in digital design.

Making it the biggest news for the world of digital creative technology, according to reports.

The day ended with Adobe stating that they had acquired Figma, coinciding with their quarterly earnings.

The 3rd quarter came with Adobe confirming turnovers of $4.43 billion and  earnings per share at $3.40, which surpassed forecasts.

However, Adobe would be acquiring a loan to tide over the purchase of Figma.

Figma shares were trading 10 per cent lower than usual.

Adobe had hoped that buying out a competitor would give a thrust to its business.

A few are worried about the complex interface that Adobe has and, overall, Adobe's attitude towards users.

More than 4 million people use Figma, and their strengths are modern methods used for their products.