Ad Agencies and the Masters of Moonlighting

Confidentiality concerns, data breaches, misuse of company resources,  conflicts of interest — the spread of ethically-questionable issues is  vast.

In fact, ad employees, particularly creative staff, are typically known  to pick up freelance projects without their employers’ knowledge.

Mukta Lad examines how ad agencies are dealing with an age-old problem that is once again in the spotlight.

When Swiggy supported employees who took on external projects outside of their day jobs — an act known as moonlighting.

Soon after, Wipro’s chairman Rishad Premji weighed in with a tweet that called moonlighting “plain and simple cheating”.

He later revealed that the company has fired more than 300 employees for moonlighting. Companies like Infosys, IBM and TCS have publicly agreed with Premji’s stance.

The moonlighting controversy began in India’s startup and IT corridors but is now rearing its head everywhere.

Apart from this, a side gig can distract an employee from fulfilling obligations at work, feels Ayesha Ghosh, president, Wieden+Kennedy India.

Agencies should concern themselves with their employees’ physical and mental condition when they’re at work, says founder, chairman and MD, Tilt Brand Solutions.