66% CEOs in India See a Recession in the Next 12 months

Around 66% of CEOs in India anticipate a recession in the next 12 months, compared to 86% CEOs globally.

Around 58% of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) in India and globally feel that the recession which the global economy will see over the next 12 months.

That will be mild and short with 55% of CEOs in India having plans in place to deal with it, as per the KPMG 2022 India CEO Outlook.

The KPMG 2022 CEO Outlook surveyed CEOs globally as well as in India on their three-year outlook on the business and economic landscapes.

The confidence of CEOs in India and the global economy has increased to 57% in August from 52% in February 2022 despite geopolitical and economic challenges.

82% of CEOs in India are confident in the resilience of the global economy in the short term.

Even though CEOs in India see a decline in growth prospects when it comes to company and country, they seem resilient enough to bounce back in the short-term.

The survey also suggests that CEOs in India are comparatively less worried when it comes to concerns around recession and its various  aspects that could impact their business.